Back from Thessaloniki where we recorded the brilliant actress Eve Sari!!

We are very happy to announce that all recordings for the new ‪#‎DaemoniaNymphe‬ album “‪#‎Macbeth‬” have been completed!! Only mastering needs to be done with the amazing long time collaborator sound engineer Nikodemos Triaridis!! One more week left to enjoy the play at the National Theatre of Northern Greece with an amazing cast of great actors; very privileged to have worked with the dream team here in London Yiannis Katsaris and Maira Vazeou under the artistic influence of the fabulous director Anastasia Revi, with Ian Williams leading most of the recordings and with the contributions of the amazing musicians Victoria VCLuka AubriCristiano CastellittoBasil Tusk, Vaggelis Paschalides, Maria Stergiou and Orestis Giasafakis… and when the journey is finished what remains is the music which will accompany you and probably bring back memories or raise new ones..